Advantages Of Using Instagram For Your Business

That leaves you, like many marketers, wondering if Instagram is worth the time and effort. With over 800 million monthly active users though, Instagram may be worth checking out.

You wouldn’t be the first person to have second thoughts about making the platform a priority.


You might think we’re stating the obvious when we say that this is a service for exchanging photographs. Instagram, on the other hand, is solely used for posting photographs and videos, in contrast to the vast majority of social networking sites.

This is a big benefit (and potential) of social media marketing, as visual material is more engaging than text.

Photos allow your company to showcase items, while films demonstrate your services in action. In addition, you may utilise it to reveal interesting facts about your company’s culture and inner workings.

High rate of participation

More than 4.2 billion posts were liked every day in 2016 by Instagram users. By comparison, postings without any hashtags receive 12.6% less interaction than those with at least one. This is enough to convince many marketers to start using the platform.
It’s no secret that advertisers are disheartened by poor interaction rates, especially if organic reach on Facebook sinks to as low as 2% or 3%. However, more of your followers will see your post on Instagram. When you realise that many businesses now utilise Facebook’s paid advertising options just to get their posts in front of their own followers, this becomes an enormous benefit.

Possible that your company is already present

Some of your consumers, whether you like it or not, are undoubtedly on Instagram. Someone, somewhere, has likely written about your company.

This is especially the case if your company operates a storefront or a restaurant that people frequent. Instagram allows users to tag their pictures with specific locations, so any photos taken at your establishment likely include at least one such tag.

There’s also the possibility of customers sharing product images online and tagging your business in them. This is especially relevant for stores selling apparel, home goods, and other consumer goods.

Even if you have no plans to utilise Instagram for your business, you should still sign up for an account so that you can keep tabs on any mentions of your brand or location. This is a fantastic method of keeping abreast of what people are saying about your company.

Excellent for expanding name recognition

Instagram is not like other social media sites in that not every post will result in clicks through to your website. Your profile is the only place a link can be found, so don’t bother include any in your posts.

If your goal was to generate money directly through Instagram, this is definitely a drawback.

However, since people will not feel as though they are being directly sold to, they are more inclined to follow and engage with your brand. Instead, you may utilise it to spread awareness of your company or product.

It may be used to display tailored advertisements

Instagram, like many other popular social media sites, lets companies pay to promote their products and services. You may make money without ever spending a dollar on your account, but taking use of the advertising tools available is a certain way to expand your user base.

Do you want to begin utilising Instagram for professional purposes?

Instagram, one of the most rapidly expanding social media sites, offers a fantastic opportunity to expand your client base. WebFX can assist you if you decide to include this tactic into your marketing plan.

Our staff of social media managers has extensive expertise developing and implementing campaigns across several channels, including Instagram. Get in touch with a marketing expert right now to discuss the potential of Instagram for your business.