4 Effective Ways To Boost Instagram Engagement Rate

You’ve probably given some consideration to how to enhance your Instagram engagement if you’re a social media influencer, marketer, company owner, or just someone who wants to raise their online presence. Yes, there is the time-tested method of directly engaging with followers in genuine ways, but let’s be honest here. There’s never enough time, and it’s not even guaranteed to work given Instagram’s sophisticated algorithm.

Instagram’s marketing and influencer communities now consider engagement to be the holy grail. More people using the platform means more opportunities for your company to be discovered by new clients as people like, follow, share, and tag one another. Many companies, from cafes to makeup studios to second-hand clothing shops, as well as famous people, have found success by strategically engaging their followers on Instagram. You want a piece of the action, and there are more than 4.2 billion likes on photographs per day and 50 billion posts posted to far.

Few key indicators that characterise Instagram followers


While a large number of followers is always a plus, on Instagram it is not the primary criteria in deciding engagement. That’s why some Instagram users with as little as 2,000 followers may become immensely popular. While they may not have a huge fan base, some influencers are well-versed in their audience’s preferences and preferences in content. Consider the rate at which you are acquiring followers and, with the aid of the proper social listening tools, examine why they are following you to determine the efficacy of your engagement activities.


The simplest kind of interaction with your material is a “like,” and they’re easy to come by. It’s also a good indicator of the general interest in the content you put out there. While a simple “like” isn’t the deepest kind of interaction, it does give you an idea of how popular your article was and how many people saw it.


Comments may provide you a lot more insight into why a post went well or not, whereas likes only give you a numeric indicator of how popular your article was. Indicative of a follower’s or customer’s devotion and commitment to your brand, comments are the most important kind of interaction. Your readers are obviously invested in the topic since they took the time to plan out and post an insightful response. Of course, while thinking about the influence of comments on your level of engagement, bear in mind that a stream of thumbs up emojis does not represent such a high degree of engagement as a well-thought-out comment.


Shares and reposts show that your audience is prepared to promote your content and identify with your brand, while comments show that your audience is engaged with it. If you want your fans to spread the word about your product, this is crucial. Every time one of your blogs gets shared, it’s like a little free commercial for your site, so it’s obviously something you want to encourage.

How to Get More Likes and Comments on Instagram: 4 Easy Steps

Maintain uniformity

One of the toughest hurdles is getting visitors to return to your site and interact with your material. Consistently updating your Instagram feed is one of the best ways to attract new followers and retain existing ones. Doing so will demonstrate not just your dedication and loyalty to your brand, but also to your audience. Genuine interest and enthusiasm for one’s subject matter are undeniably attractive qualities. An account that updates once every two months is the least motivating type there is.

Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are the backbone of Instagram. It is the key tool for organising and finding information on the site. Instagram posts may include up to 30 hashtags, but the average Twitter user only uses one or two. However, if you use a large number of unrelated hashtags, Instagram may misinterpret your post as an attempt to spam your followers, leading to a shadowban. User-generated content campaigns can make use of hashtags that link to a subject page by including them in their bios, Instagram Stories, or geographic tags. Hashtags that include content, such a location, are an effective way to boost participation.

Use filter

Because Instagram is so aesthetically oriented, its most beloved function is its filter selection, which, when used regularly, gives your photos and videos a unique feel and style. WebDam found that 60% of the most successful companies consistently use the same filter on Instagram. So, experiment with several filters and settle on one that provides your material a recognisable look and feel that your audience can connect with. According to research conducted by Canva, a graphic design business, Clarendon is the most popular Instagram filter in the United States and throughout the world. Brightness, according to other research, is the most significant factor in attracting people and keeping their attention.

Regularly share Instagram Stories

We all know that Instagram Stories only remain visible for 24 hours (although you can save them to your profile for those who missed it). When you update your profile with a new Story, a red circle will appear around your profile picture. When you update your site on a daily basis, you remind your readers that there is new material available. If you post Stories on a regular basis, your followers will develop a habit of checking back to see what you’ve been up to.