How To Boost Instagram Engagment?

Most people think of a competitive game of Trivial Pursuit, watching a game show about trivia after school, or attending a trivia night at a local bar. Just think about how awesome it would be if your brand’s Instagram Story could emulate the lively atmosphere of a quiz night. In other words, you can! 

Brands have been experimenting with different approaches to creating interesting quizzes for their audience since since Instagram launched the quiz sticker for stories in 2019. Story quizzes aren’t only a good diversion from endless scrolling and an attention-getting tactic for your Instagram followers. Since organic reach on Instagram has reduced, quizzes posted to a profile’s Story are a subtle yet efficient approach to collect audience feedback and offer your brand a boost in engagement

Instagram Stories Quizzes: What Are They?

Instagram’s Story Stickers are a great way to get more interaction from your followers, and they’re easy to use and completely free. Your company may now easily post multiple-choice quizzes in the form of trivia with your followers, and you can monitor the results in real time with the help of the interactive quiz sticker.

Instagram Story Quiz Creation Guide

Don’t worry if you haven’t taken an Instagram Story quiz before. At first, it can be difficult to set up, but after only a few touches, you’ll be able to start quizzing your audience.

Here’s a visual walkthrough (for both iOS and Android) on how to use Instagram’s new quiz sticker in your Story.

Instructions for Including a Quiz in Your Instagram Story

To make a new story on Instagram, launch the app and select the tale icon in the upper left. You might also use the “add” button and select “Story.”
Pick your preferred setting. Keep in mind that you want your quiz sticker to jump off the page, and choose a backdrop accordingly. 
You may utilise Instagram’s “Create” tool to select a colourful backdrop, post a fascinating product image, or use a high-quality stock photo for your Instagram quiz. 

In addition, Instagram’s Create section provides a shortcut to the quiz section. If you move the cursor to the area labelled “questions,” a quiz box will emerge.

Put your quiz sticker here. Your quiz may be added to a narrative either using the Create function or as a sticker. To add a quiz sticker to your message, tap the sticker icon in the upper right corner.
Fill up the blanks with your multiple-choice question and answers. If you’re at a loss for what to ask, just touch the dice button and Instagram will do it for you!
After you’ve entered at least two responses, a box to enter a third will appear below. In a single survey, you can include a maximum of four answers. 

Tap the letter that corresponds to the right answer. A green light and a tick mark should show.

By pressing the colour wheel in the upper-right corner of the question box, you can choose a hue that matches your brand’s aesthetic for your quiz sticker.

After you’ve finished customising your sticker, hit “Done” in the upper right corner, drag it to where you want it, then resize it by holding its corners with your finger and thumb.
Keep in mind the tap regions to advance to the previous or next Instagram Story when planning the placement of your quiz sticker. You wouldn’t want these taps to prevent people from answering your quiz questions.

When you’re done with the test, click the white arrow in the bottom right corner or the “Your stories” icon in the bottom left corner to submit your answers. To restrict access to just your inner circle, select “Close Friends” in the space between the other two options.

How to Get the Most Likes and Comments on Your Instagram Stories?

Now that you know the fundamentals, it’s time to give your audience some pointers on how to make the most of their time with your quiz.

Replace words with emoticons

There are a few reasons why this is effective. First, emojis are always a good time. Using emojis is a great way to give your brand a voice and inform your consumers that you’re not taking yourself too seriously. For another, it makes your audience pause and read the replies more attentively so that they can comprehend the possibilities. The social media algorithms reward your company more when users pause an article or click back to read it again.

Enjoy 3 Truths and a Lie and more trivia games

Adding quizzes to your story serves only to amuse your readers. A little bit of competition to answer the question correct in a game like “3 Truths and a Lie” might be just the thing to subtly educate your followers about your brand.

Instagram quiz sticker

You can even transform your narrative into a mini-trivia series by publishing a number of quizzes in rapid succession to add the gamification element. You may even provide prizes or hold a competition for the person who gets the most questions right in a row.

Complement your quiz sticker with caption stickers, hashtag stickers, and trending gifs to pique your audience’s interest and keep them guessing.
The beauty of using quiz stickers on Instagram is that you can combine them with other stickers to create a visually engaging tale that will entice your followers to participate in the fun.