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What It Took For One Instagram Star To Go Viral And Raise 45,000 Followers (And How You Can, Too)

TikTok has experienced unprecedented development over the past few years, and this trend appears to be continuing. It is estimated that TikTok will have 1.5 billion monthly active users by the end of 2022. Instagram Reels: Why You Should Use Them It’s more important to get very good at one or two platforms, and have […]

The Instagram Sponsorship Playbook

The average price of a sponsored Instagram post is $300, and if you become more popular, like yogi Rachel Brathen, you might be making $25,000 each post. It’s no wonder you want to become a paid Instagram influencer. Instagram has exploded as a platform for advertising goods and services. Consumers rank Instagram as the sixth […]

Companies Use Instagram As A Marketing Tool

User-Brand Interaction through Photo Sharing The Rise of Instagram as a Powerful Advertising Tool Instagram users like and comment on 40 million photographs every day at a rate of over 8,500 and 1,000 respectively. While the vast majority of Instagram users are simply normal people sharing photos from their daily lives, there is a rising […]

Establishing A Long-Term Social Media Plan

The importance of regular presence in social media management cannot be overstated. Yet we all know that it’s easier to say than to accomplish. That’s why we asked Jenny Fowler, the social media strategist at MIT, about long-term sustainability for companies this week on the conversation. This is a recap of what we discussed. How […]

An Ultimate Guide: TikTok Marketing

When it comes to advertising, TikTok is the latest and greatest revolutionary platform. Marketing your business or your life has never been easier than with the help of TikTok, which takes your tale and turns it into a video toy. To kick off your marketing efforts on TikTok, consider this your primer. To fully benefit […]

How to Monetize Instagram for Economic Gain in the Year 2023?

With over a billion active users per month, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites available. It’s possible that companies and artists that aren’t on Instagram are missing out on a lot of potential growth and exposure. Until recently, Instagram didn’t allow for advertising. But that doesn’t mean Instagram wasn’t a lucrative […]