6 Effective Tips To Get Most Out Of Your Instagram Account

Although everyone wishes for more followers on social media, only a select handful actually see the kind of viral expansion that can boost their brand’s visibility. You can’t expect to get followers and convert them to customers if you just upload material randomly and hope for the best.

Lukas Kurzmann, the CEO and founder of Women’s Best, and I frequently have conversations about the development of social media and, more specifically, Instagram. The company’s Instagram has amassed a respectable following of 2.2 million users. This has allowed them to develop numerous streams of income.

Just a few weeks ago, I committed myself to expanding my personal Instagram account, and I’ve seen fantastic progress. During my most recent discussion with Kurzmann, we identified the following six factors that contribute to effective Instagram growth hacking.

Prioritise meaningful interaction

Since Instagram’s new algorithm has been released, it’s more important than ever for accounts to prioritise their interaction. The new system minimises exposure to low-performing content. The material is failing if it is not interesting to the target audience.

Creating an engaging content style is the primary challenge. You need your creative team to provide original, high-quality material that readers would choose to other postings. When I switched my focus from what I thought people should want to engage with to what they actually did want to engage with, I saw a dramatic improvement in the activity on my personal account.

Consider the comments

Pay close attention to the feedback your readers provide as you roll out new content experiments. If others take the time to write you encouraging comments or private messages, you can assume they like what you’re posting.

Particularly in the outset, adding a personal touch might help you establish growth traction. People will feel valued if you take the time to like and respond to their remarks. Now they are more likely to interact with your account again the next time you submit content. Invest in fostering genuine connections with your audience, as their participation will lead to increased exposure and, hopefully, more followers.

Maintain your brand’s own voice

Kurzmann is well-versed in the most engaging forms of content and Instagram posts for his company’s target demographic. This is due to his knowledge of his demographic, which is analogous to knowing which Facebook advertisements or email campaigns will be most successful with that group. Nothing you do in company will succeed unless you first understand your target market.

Many people, however, try to broaden and produce generic content after developing a successful content strategy in the mistaken belief that doing so will attract more readers. If you give in to these temptations, you risk alienating your current followers. This will lead to a decrease in existing followers and a complete lack of new ones.

Locate peak posting hours

Statistically, more Instagram users tend to be online during certain times of the day. Because more people will see your post at once, interaction is higher when you publish then. As a result of their persistent testing, savvy users have found the optimal times to publish for maximum engagement.

Start experimenting with when to upload your material until you notice a pattern and can pinpoint peak viewing times. Optimising this will give you a better idea of what kinds of material perform well at what times.

Never forget your audience

One of the worst things you can do on Instagram, according to Kurzmann, is to sell out. When it comes to unfollowing, users have all the cards; as a content creator, you should focus only on satisfying your audience.

Brands, like influencers, should avoid sharing anything with their followers that they know would be unpopular. Doing so will drive away supporters and be a waste of resources put into attracting them.

Continuity is of the utmost importance

In order to increase Instagram following, one must upload content frequently and at peak engagement periods. Get on a regular blogging schedule and stick to it religiously. Your viewers will quickly lose interest if you post inconsistently. You can learn more about what works and what doesn’t as you publish more material and collect more data and information to analyse.

Brands that only update once every few days are falling short. If you want to stand out, you need to be very proactive and consistent. Instagram competition has never been higher and shows no signs of abating. Don’t expect to see progress if you don’t publish regularly.