An Ultimate Guide: Guest Posting Outreach

There are many motivations for guest blogging.

As part of our guest blogging services, we perform this for many of our customers.

Branding yourself, making connections within your field, and expanding your readership are all viable options.

In this piece, however, we will zero in on how to expand your guest blogging strategy for optimal SEO results.

But first, let me show you how my team and I have effectively implemented this strategy across multiple sectors.

What is a guest post?

Writing material for a blog or website other than your own is known as guest blogging or “guest posting.”

These online resources could belong to a business, be personal, or be maintained by a charity.

No matter the circumstances, guest writing generally functions as follows:

  • Look for blogs that accept guest articles and submit to them.
  • Make a pitch for your concepts.
  • If they like what you have to say, you’ll get paid to compose articles for them to post on their website.
  • In exchange for the complimentary material you just provided, many outlets will allow you to promote your business or the articles your company has produced. 

What ways does guest blogging improve search engine optimisation?

If you want to boost your SEO, guest blogging is a great method to do it because it allows you to build backlinks with anchor text you choose.

The viewable, accessible text in a hyperlink is called “anchor text.”
When it comes to search engine results, backlinks are a major component. This is due to the fact that backlinks are effectively a “vote” for a particular website by Google and other search engines.

Google has even said that connections are still a major component in search engine rankings. That’s why people keep coming back to us when they need links built.

Google also takes into account the reference text of a link when determining the page’s relevance to a search query.

The anchor text of a link explains the topic of the linked-to website to search engines. This helps search engines appropriately rate the website for the specified keywords.

Is there any opinion on guest blogging from Google?

When former Google web abuse chief Matt Cutts lamented the demise of guest blogging on his blog, it sent shivers down the spines of search engine optimisation (SEO) professionals everywhere.
If you scroll down the page, however, you’ll discover a film in which Matt elaborates on his earlier comments regarding the relative merits of poor and high-quality guest posts.

There’s a lot to dissect in this video, but he seems to put a premium on high-caliber guest articles and mentions hyperlinks in an acceptable manner.

However, he frequently uses the word “spam” to describe poorly written or sponsored guest pieces.

This film makes it abundantly clear that Google values editorially vetted links from guest posts and frowns upon content released solely for the purpose of gaining backlinks.

As a result, Google has decided that visitor entries.

And because we’ve been so careful to follow Google’s guidelines in our link-building, we shouldn’t be negatively affected by any changes they make to their system in the future.

All of these requirements are met by the guest blogging procedure I’m about to show you, which is also the procedure we use for all of our customers.

How to Maximize the Success of Your Guest Posting Campaign: Extra Tips

You may encounter challenges in the beginning of your guest blogging effort.

Here are some strategies for overcoming some of the more widespread ones.

If many sites are soliciting funds and you feel like you’ve exhausted your options, consider switching to a more general market.
More and more websites are realising the importance of connections for search engine optimization, and as a result, they are charging for guest articles.

This will inevitably happen, and it already is in markets like cannabidiol (CBD) and the gaming industry. However, in many subfields, a sizable proportion of sites impose fees in exchange for inbound connections.
The market for connections from such sites is fueled by the fact that many SEOs are ready to pay for them.

We, along with many others, have reported the site to Google in the hopes that the connections our rivals have paid for will be disregarded.
However, if you don’t know that your rivals are purchasing links on these sites, it’s best to attempt another specialty because the time spent discovering and reporting violators can deplete your budget.

To generate ideas for new, untapped niches, we need to discover a guest-posting strategy that can succeed in a market where there aren’t many offers to pay for inbound links. The data in the preceding image shows that the bridal industry and marketing are both good places to make money.

Let’s look at a few illustrations of this in action.

Use Content Explorer to locate untapped markets

In their guest post guide, Authority Hacker explained this idea under the name “Market Overlap.”

Finding new areas to target isn’t always simple, so here’s a method you can use to do so with Ahrefs’ Content Explorer.

Getting connections in the CBD niche is particularly challenging, so let’s give this a shot.

Type “CBD” into Ahrefs’s Content Explorer to see how it performs.


The principle of mutual aid is fundamental to human society. This means that the person you helped will feel compelled to repay the favour at some point.

You’re moving the connection in a positive way for both parties when you help out the website you just released a guest post on.

It’s more important to focus on providing value through your guest blogging strategy than on gaining links.