How To Increase Your Instagram Reels Ads Visibility?

Meta recently revealed that brands may now amplify and boost Reels content as sponsored advertising, which is timely given Instagram’s ongoing emphasis on short-form video content.
More and more Instagram users are tuning in to Reels for a dose of entertainment, to delve deeper into a topic of interest, or to learn about a new company. We’re excited to share that beginning today, companies can pay to have their Reels converted into advertising, expanding their potential audience and stimulating more interaction.

Promoting posts on Instagram isn’t a novel idea. At the moment, anyone with a Creator or Business account can promote both published and live Stories. Many of Vamp’s customers transition to this paid marketing strategy when their organic creator campaigns conclude.

We provide a media boosting solution to help our customers raise their campaign’s visibility, awareness, and engagement, and ultimately achieve their goals, such as app installs and website visits.

And now, Reels has this feature, which might be a game-changer for advertisers and marketers that want to employ video ads to boost the overall performance of their campaigns.

So, what do advertising professionals need to know to better promote Reels? In this article, we’ll explain Instagram’s latest advertising option so you can put it to good use. Please begin.

Why should you think about increasing Reels’s budget?

Increased brand recognition, website visits, engagements, and ROI can all result from giving your Reels a power boost to your campaign. It also facilitates an easy buying process.

Sixty-seven percent of buyers said they have shopped more frequently online since the outbreak. Incorporating ‘Shop now’ style functionality into your eye-catching Reels videos allows you to direct customers to your online store, converting social media browsers into buyers in one instant.

Where will the improved Reels be housed?

To assist potential new consumers find your business, boosted Reels will show up in the feed, in Stories, on the Reels tab, and on the Explore page. This new feature from Instagram is great for businesses that are trying to expand their customer base by any means necessary.

Is there anything special that needs to be done in order to level up Reels?
Yes. Reels submitted for promotion must be under 60 seconds in length and have a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Facebook also does not allow reels to be promoted after being shared.

How do I promote my Instagram Reels?

Step 1: To begin promoting your Reels, navigate to the video on your profile, click the ellipses (…) next to the Share button, and then click the ‘Boost Post’ option.

Second, you will be directed to a ‘Goal’ page if your Reel meets the criteria outlined in the previous sentence. Here you can specify what you hope to accomplish by displaying this ad, such as increasing the number of people who visit your profile, your website, or your page that encourages users to interact with you.

To reach Step 3, “Define your audience,” click the “Next” button.

Fourth, after that, choose your advertising budget and timeframe.

Ad Review is the last step in the process. When you’re satisfied, hit “Boost post.” Instagram will check it out and publish it, but you can turn it off if you want to.

Three ways to get the most out of your enhanced Reels

Here are three things we believe can improve the performance of your promoted Reels based on data from Meta and advice from our in-house Paid Media team:

Ensure organic success with the content

Before boosting any kind of content for clients, this is something our Paid Media team considers. If it’s doing well naturally, it’s also likely to do well as an advertisement. Vamp’s clients have seen ROAS as high as 113x thanks to this strategy.

If a Reel is doing well naturally, how can you tell? Check out how many people are viewing it and how active they are. Better the more of them.

Check out the comments to read what others have to say about the clip. Is it something they would want to read more of? You know you have a winner if the feedback is enthusiastic.

Make the most of the initial ten seconds

Social media users’ attention spans are getting shorter as a result of the proliferation of short-form video material. People today are less likely to sit through an entire video and more likely to quickly move on to the next one.

This means that if you want your viewers to remember your ads, pay attention to your brands, and make a purchase, you need to grab their attention within the first three seconds of them watching your Reels content. Brand interest is increased by 44% when introduced in the first three seconds as opposed to the last.

In the next 7 seconds of your boosted Reel, you have the chance to convey your most important messages. After that point, it’s less likely that the viewer will return.

Use this opportunity to emphasise your ad’s objective, whether it’s announcing a new product launch, running a discount, or raising awareness of a new collection, in order to inspire viewers to take action as soon as possible.

Join together with Vamp to produce polished commercials for Reels

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