How to Get Real Instagram Followers for Free in Easy Steps

The query “how to get someone to follow you on Instagram” is among the most often asked on the search engine. It’s easy to see why; attracting the attention of brands and kicking off a successful career as an influencer just requires amassing a significant number of followers on the social media platform in question. Having a huge following is one definite approach to make the brand more well-known among the general public, thus many firms are also interested in the answer to this issue.

Obtaining genuine Instagram followers is, fortunately, not an insurmountable task. In reality, there are a tonne of minor tweaks you can make on the platform to attract more of your target audience. Let’s check it out.

Develop a Well-Defined Instagram Marketing Plan

Gaining a sizable Instagram following is an admirable objective. However, it isn’t all that’s required for a flourishing IG profile. Because of this, you should think about how your Instagram profile will fit in with your whole digital marketing approach.

Maintain a Regular Brand Narrative and Visual Identity

In essence, humans are storytellers. Telling an interesting tale in your content is a great method to make your brand stick in the minds of your target audience. One option is to pay attention to the manufacturing process, while the other is to remember why you started the business in the first place. Alternately, you might strive to build an aspirational brand by highlighting the improved appearance and confidence of your clientele. However, be consistent with the perspective you take.

Determine Who You Want to Read It

You need to know the demographics of your target audience before you can successfully attract them as free Instagram followers. You may attempt definition by asking yourself some simple questions, such as:

Apply Appropriate Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great way to get new, genuine followers on Instagram without spending a dime. Instagram’s search function won’t show your aspirational captions, but the hashtags you used.

One of the most effective strategies to get new followers is to include hashtags that are related to your posts, since this will help people discover your material through the explore tab of Instagram.

Create Captions That Will Keep Readers’ Interest

Put down the Taylor Swift lyrics and the “aesthetic captions for Instagram” searches. While appropriate for a personal account, this password is more suited to a college student than a professional.

In addition, composing more extensive subtitles may greatly assist in expanding your account’s reach and interaction. Some things to bear in mind before posting:

Get your point over in the first 125 characters to make a good impression. If you can grab their attention right away, they’ll be more inclined to click “Read more” and check out what you have to say.

Draw attention to your post by include emojis; those that are hilarious or unique will also leave an impact and increase the likelihood that your post will be liked or commented on.

Save the Best Replies!

Pinning the comments you find most helpful to each of your photos is one of Instagram’s best-kept secrets. You may use this feature in two primary ways to expand the exposure of your postings.

Make Content With the Intent of It Being Shared

Creating content that other Instagram users will want to reshare on their own accounts is a great way to get new followers at no cost.

Instagram pictures that gain widespread attention typically fall into two categories: either informative infographics that go deeply into a topic and use facts and statistics to make a point, or humorous photographs or memes that poke fun at a trending topic. Here, we might look to the viral image of Bernie Sanders’s inauguration, which was used by several firms to promote their products in lighthearted ways.

Join your Instagram with the rest of your social media accounts.

You may gain free Instagram followers by leveraging your popularity on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok.

Include a link to your Instagram page in the company’s mailings, as well as on the website and Twitter page. Start an email campaign highlighting your most recent postings on Instagram if your profile is spanking new.


Achieving Instagram fame for your brand may be a significant means of expanding your consumer base and increasing revenue. That’s why it’s well worth it to spend effort and resources gaining a following on the most popular social media site for businesses.

Of course, it’s not simple to amass a large following on IG, especially in the present day when every company and would-be influencer is on the site competing for the same attention. That doesn’t imply, though, that it can’t happen. Followers will begin to arrive at some point, and they will all be genuine and free, if you have a well-defined approach and are consistent with your material.