Three Different Ways To Schedule Instagram Posts [2023 GUIDE]

It takes a lot of time and work to see results from Instagram marketing, from coming up with the perfect photographs to editing high-resolution videos to writing interesting captions to selecting the correct hashtags to publishing the posts.

You may save time and mental energy by scheduling Instagram posts in advance, giving you more room to make smart and imaginative choices. Social media scheduling becomes increasingly useful as the complexity of your plan increases.

With publishing automation, you can reliably release excellent content.

Tips for pre-arranging Instagram updates (for Business accounts)

Instagram-equipped businesses Hootsuite is one example of a social media management solution that allows businesses to plan content publication across several platforms. Hootsuite allows you to schedule your Instagram feed, carousel, Stories, and advertisements.

If you learn better via visuals, check out this video to see how easy it is to use Hootsuite and Maker Studio to plan Instagram posts in advance. Nonetheless, if you enjoy reading, you should keep on reading.

1. Start by linking your Instagram to your social media dashboard.

Hootsuite also allows users with personal Instagram accounts to schedule posts. When dealing with Corporate accounts, the scheduling procedure is similar to that for Personal accounts, with a few added tweaks. TL;DR: At the appointed moment, Hootsuite will give you a push message on your mobile device. Seeing this will prompt you to sign in and hit the Publish button.

2. Second, make your own post.

You know the drill: gather your materials, compose an excellent caption, use hashtags and tags, and mention appropriate users and places.

In order to take things to the next level, I highly recommend reading over our Instagram advertising guidelines. Furthermore, have a look at what’s popular on Instagram in the year 2022.

3. Third, plan when your post will go live.

Recognize the key distinction between company and individual bank accounts. Nevertheless, planned postings on individual Instagram profiles will not be published immediately. A notice will instead be sent to your phone to prompt you to press the Publish button.

4. Instagram post scheduling using Creator Studio.

You’ve probably heard that Instagram is owned by Facebook (formerly known as Meta). Nevertheless, if you have a Business or Creator account on Instagram, you can really arrange your Instagram feed on Facebook, which is something you might not have known. If you use Instagram, you can now make and schedule posts from your computer with Facebook’s Creative Studio.

Creator Studio is a useful app for scheduling posts on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The usage of a social media management tool may make it much simpler to update several profiles at once. Hootsuite is a social media management app that lets you plan updates to sites including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok.

Schedule your Instagram posts with these 5 tips!

When the time comes to begin scheduling Instagram posts, following these guidelines will ensure that you do it with the highest quality possible.

The first rule of content marketing is to post at the most convenient times.

As was previously noted, maximising interaction requires publishing content when your target demographic is most likely to be online. This occurs due to the fact that Instagram places a premium on newer content. Newer posts will appear in users’ feeds more frequently than older ones.

That’s why it’s not a good idea to cross-post. While your Facebook followers could be most active between 4 and 8 p.m., they’re more likely to be on Instagram between 12 and 3 p.m.

If you use an Instagram analytics tool, you can find out when your audience is most active. In fact, Hootsuite’s Best Time to Post function accomplishes just that. It examines your posts’ reach and interaction rate to recommend the best times to provide updates.

Second, avoid scheduling articles too far in advance.

I highly recommend planning your Instagram posts a week in advance. Planning posts a month in ahead isn’t a good idea.

When material is planned too far in advance, problems are more likely to arise. You definitely don’t want to make a social media disaster for your company by posting anything disrespectful. There may be no choice but to put your plans on hold indefinitely if this occurs.

Third, avoid spamming your readers.

Instagram scheduling’s main advantage is that it allows you to pump out more content without sacrificing quality. It doesn’t follow, though, that you should do it.

Long-term success hinges on your ability to produce high-quality work at a faster clip. Yet, regularity is more important than frequency when it comes to social media interaction. The frequency with which your audience interacts with your material is given greater weight by the system.

Fine-tune and republish your revised posts

You should double-check your social material for typos and grammatical problems, as well as any offensive slurs, innuendos, or comments, before publishing it.

Such blunders may be avoided with the help of a multi-stage approval process, which should be in place if your team is large.

Be sure to double-check the images as well as the text. If you’re using a scheduler to post to Instagram, you may as well use it to tweak your photos before you share them. Saving time and making sure everything looks excellent by optimising photographs beforehand.

Five, examine and modify

You can now look at the larger picture thanks to your newfound knowledge of scheduling Instagram posts in advance.

Is what you’re posting on Instagram interesting to your followers? How engaged are your fans? Do they like, share, and comment on your updates? What exactly are you finding to be ineffective?

Start gathering this information with an Instagram analytics tool.
Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place, including Instagram, so you can plan posts in advance, reply to comments, and track your account’s success.