When it comes to sharing your Instagram profile, which link is the most effective?

Instagram is a marketer’s dream because of the platform’s high level of user interaction and the fervour with which its users seek out and interact with companies.

Therefore, generating interaction and spreading brand awareness on Instagram is a breeze. What’s difficult is converting that interest into action on a different platform, sending people to a page you designate.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure you are using the correct Instagram profile URL. Aside from advertisements and Stories, which do not count here, you are only allowed one link on your profile.

Make the most of your one Instagram connection.

That’s a lot of expectation for one Instagram profile URL, especially when there are so many interesting profiles from which to pick.

In this piece, we’ll examine four of the most common variations on Instagram profile links so you may pick the one that works best for you.

Your Site’s Main Page

A common practise is to include a link to one’s primary website in their profile’s bio.

This is an obvious favourite amongst customers. People who encounter your Instagram profile and want to learn more, make a purchase, get in touch, or locate specialised information should be directed to your webpage.
Links on the homepage are evergreen, meaning that once they are placed, they will continue to be valuable to users at any point in the sales funnel who require additional information about your company.

After all, many landing pages already have convenient menus and calls to action (CTAs) built in to help boost sales. They’re an excellent option for any manufacturer, so pick this one if you’re on the fence.

External Gallery Linked to Instagram

To the extent that they have the resources to do so, some firms are able to leverage Instagram as a content marketing platform, using the service to promote everything from recipes and clothing to how-to videos and other instructional content.

They hope that the viewer will be intrigued enough by the preview to click on the “check out our link in the bio” instruction provided at the conclusion of the post.
A user’s selected and current Instagram posts will be duplicated exactly on a third-party site bearing the company’s logo when they click.

Users may get the information they need by clicking on a post and being sent to the appropriate product page, recipe link, or landing page.
As a social media platform, Instagram is ideal for sharing content with your followers and expanding your reach to a wider audience.

One’s desired destination can be pinpointed and sent to the recipient. They may then use this to go to the remainder of the site if necessary.

Website for the Contest

Are you holding a giveaway or contest on Instagram? It may be a good idea to promote the giveaway or contest by briefly highlighting the landing page on your profile.

In addition to possible on-platform participation, some marketers choose to employ contest software that allows them to capture lead information like email addresses or phone numbers.

Users will need to be sent to a safe landing page to enter this data.

Create a temporary Instagram link bio for your contest’s landing page.

It will increase the number of people who see your contest and make it simpler for them to participate (thus making it more likely they will). After it’s done, just take it down.

Redirect to a different page temporarily

The following is worth remembering:

You only get one chance to send people from your Instagram profile to a certain website.

You may not always direct visitors to your homepage, but rather to a more targeted landing page. Fresh events or opportunities to generate leads may necessitate a new set of landing pages, thus this might be a temporary measure.

Here’s your chance to get people talking about a certain topic or product. See how Mitchell Wade enticed new stylists to join the team by reading their bios and clicking on the provided link.

Advertising forthcoming events (by linking to a Facebook event page or online registration page) and highlighting sales pages are two other excellent use.