Seven Tips To Maximize Engagement On Instagram Videos

Instagram is a highly influential social media platform. However, many people who create content for social media platforms are unaware of Instagram’s potential for video.

If you want your social media material to go well, staying abreast of the latest developments and resources, like Instagram Insights, is crucial.

You should pay close attention to Instagram engagement because marketers are always seeking for new ways to boost it.

Let’s dig deeper into the topic of increasing Instagram video views and comments.

Here are eight tried-and-true methods for attracting more followers on Instagram: 1.
Consistency in posting will help you maintain your social media prominence. But how physically active do you have to be? One study suggests no more than three social media posts every day.

Doing so keeps users interested and promotes new content on your site. Therefore, you are expanding your potential audience and enhancing your content’s potential for engagement.

When you post something, think about the people you’re trying to reach. If, say, your audience consists primarily of students, then you should schedule your posts for the afternoons. The frequency of your updates, however, will also be determined by your target demographic. Some channels update as frequently as six times each day and still maintain a prominent position in their respective feeds.

Make sure your material is useful

One of the most valuable forms of engagement on Instagram is a user saving or sharing your content. You need to provide something of value to your Instagram followers in order to attract their attention.

What can you give Instagrammers that they can’t get anywhere else? In other words, make stuff that people will actually want to use and talk about.

Infographics depicting your content are a great place to begin. These can facilitate the user’s ability to comprehend useful advice and absorb informative data. Making colourful charts and graphs is only one example of a process that could be visually broken down to help others. Then, you can utilise Instagram to offer more relevant content and draw attention to outstanding facts about your company or its products through the use of eye-catching visuals.

After all, visuals are processed quicker than words. Statistics show that over 30% of all marketers and 67% of B2B marketers agree, thus they frequently employ infographics to get their messages across.

Make use of transcript-making services

Sometimes folks won’t be able to see your videos with the sound on. Not having your audio converted to text might be a major setback. A large majority of videos (over 90%) are silent, therefore viewers often read the subtitles while watching.

Captions serve as an effective verbal intermediary. A Spanish speaker may have trouble understanding an English-language video. Captions in Spanish can be translated from your audio with the help of an audio translator. This paves the way for viewers of all linguistic backgrounds to enjoy your content.

Get involved with your target market

Using Instagram Stories is a great method to connect with people and get them involved in what you’re doing. When your audience feels like they belong to your brand, they are more likely to become devoted fans.

Polls, questions, quizzes, emoji sliders, and so on can all be used to quickly and easily improve a story. However, the question sticker is one of Instagram stories’ more intriguing features.

Using the query sticker, you can pose a question to your followers and get their feedback.

Relate anecdotes

Instagram has always been a fun place to share your life’s adventures with others. But let’s not overlook the significance of narratives and the value they add in terms of user involvement. Stories in the form of video, text, photos, and Instagram stories should all be included.

Try to tell a story in your videos, and set up something intriguing for the next video. People are more likely to be interested in what you have to say if you use storytelling techniques that appeal to their emotions. Red Bull, a major player on Instagram, is a great case study in the art of storytelling.

Develop a solid reputation

Any business that wants to increase its visibility on Instagram should prioritise consistency, originality, and clarity. You should always incorporate your profile, style patterns, attractive photographs, and hashtags in your films. Make an effort to reply to comments and questions from viewers. Engagement and loyalty can only increase from this.

Form Partnerships

When you set up Instagram Stories to grow your audience, you can have even more fun making videos. Once your reels are polished, you may utilise them to connect with other Instagram influencers (famous people in their field).

With the help of the collaboration tools, you can ask other influential people to appear in your video as well. When people from both of your communities come together, everyone benefits.

Use memes in your video productions

The ability to make someone else laugh is a powerful bonding tool. Include some jokes or memes in your videos if you can. The proper joke or meme can boost engagement, leading to more likes, comments, and shares. As an added bonus, your viewers will begin anticipating your next upload if they appreciate what they see in your uploads.

However, a word of caution is in order because what one person deems hilarious may be cruel, unpleasant, or hurtful to another. It’s important to make sure your memes are humorous without becoming offensive.