How To Run Instagram Story Ads?

Instagram is about more than just sharing selfies and connecting with like-minded individuals. With 1.22 billion monthly active users, 90% of whom yearn for in-app interactions with marketers, it has soon overtaken Facebook as the most used social network for marketing.

Almost all marketers are aware of Instagram’s capabilities. When used effectively, Instagram marketing increases sales, consumer reach, and brand visibility.

At the same time, there is fierce competition within the app because more than 25 million companies anticipate finding profitable alliances there. Running paid social media advertising is a tried-and-true approach to keep ahead of your rivals who are vying for the same audience’s attention on Instagram.
Additionally, 70% of users are unbothered by Instagram ads. This means that running Instagram advertisements can assist you in achieving your business objectives more quickly.

But if you want to outperform your rivals and get the most from your Instagram paid ad campaigns, think about implementing Instagram Story advertisements.

Instagram Story Ads: What Are They?

Vertical advertising are those on Instagram Stories. It’s a very recent paid content offering that enables marketers to connect with consumers who are using Stories in-app.

Marketers can achieve a variety of objectives using Instagram Story advertisements, such as raising brand exposure, expanding their reach, increasing video views, boosting traffic, increasing conversions, or obtaining app installs.

When executed properly, Instagram Story advertisements outperform in-feed ads and produce fantastic returns for all companies.

Why Run Instagram Story Advertisements?

Short-lived social media information that vanishes within 24 hours is a common occurrence.

When Instagram Stories were first made available on the app in 2016, this kind of material became more popular. Since most smartphone users hold their devices vertically, it’s no surprise that Stories have 500 million daily users and are growing 15 times faster than feed-based shares.

Thus, with a median of 15–16 IG Stories every month, more and more firms are incorporating Instagram Stories into their Instagram marketing plans.

Overall, Instagram Story advertising assist brands in achieving the following objectives:

Cut through the clutter: It’s challenging for marketers to have their posts viewed in the news feed on Instagram because the algorithm favours content from friends and family. However, Story advertising are visible when people see Instagram Stories on the platform, which makes it simpler to stand out from the competition and connect with the desired demographic.
Reach interested viewers: Due to the 24-hour lifespan and people’s fear of missing out on anything essential, Stories are seen considerably more frequently than posts. As a result, adopting the Instagram Story ad solution gives you a fantastic opportunity to connect with interested viewers who are eager to engage.
Engage viewers: Instagram Stories offers a variety of tools for engaging viewers. There are countless methods to create interesting, original, and entertaining content that invites interaction, from music stickers to polling stickers and geotags.
Increase sales: Instagram provides functions that enhance the in-app buying experience, such as clickable links and shoppable stickers. Companies can take advantage of these capabilities to impact purchase intent and enable interested customers to purchase featured products without leaving the app in order to increase sales.
Overall, implementing Instagram Story advertising campaigns can benefit your company greatly.

Principles to Follow for Instagram Story Ads

There are several ways to incorporate Instagram Story ads into your marketing plans when designing them. The efficiency of your advertisements might be increased by studying under experts.

Here are five best practises for using Instagram Story advertisements, along with useful advice and helpful resources that can make the process of creating ads even simpler, to serve as inspiration for your upcoming ad campaign on the site.

1. Use storytelling to communicate your brand’s message

Using stories in marketing is effective. People are more likely to remember stories than plain information because narrative engages viewers and arouses emotions.

Instagram Stories, which last between 15 and 60 seconds, are the finest advertising option for businesses that bank on narrative. To integrate several images or videos in one advertisement, advertisers might experiment with carousel advertising.

2. Utilise Instagram Story Video Ads to Maintain Viewer Engagement

You have two options when generating Instagram Stories: you can either capture a picture or take it a step further and make a quick yet interesting video.

The majority of internet users—92%—watch online videos. People are huge fans of video material for a variety of reasons. Videos inspire and amuse viewers in addition to keeping them interested and involved.

Making Instagram Story video ads that keep the audience interested is a terrific concept to improve your chances of getting your business message across.

3. Invite specialised influencers to boost brand loyalty and credibility

Seeking advertising campaign engagement advice that works? Work with specialised influencers if you can!

Influencer marketing has grown to be a highly successful strategy for advertisers thanks to the popularity of Instagram influencers, who are now trusted by consumers as much as their actual friends.

People pay close attention to recommendations from opinion leaders they love and follow, so by showcasing popular influencers in your community, you may improve brand loyalty and trust.


Without a doubt, Instagram Story ads assist marketers in connecting with and engaging with the target audience, leaving behind rivals who don’t spend money on sponsored advertising.

IG Stories’ brief lifespan gives viewers a sense of urgency that keeps them interested, allowing your company to communicate your brand message to the hooked audience.

Additionally, a variety of features make it even simpler for advertisers to design advertising programmes that get results.

Use the advice provided above to get started with Instagram Story advertisements and take your Instagram presence to the next level. This is your time to stand out from the competition and engage with your target audience.