Promoting Your Esports On Social Media Through Original Content Creation For Increased Viewership.

Although “esports” had previously been something of a sideshow, the public’s need for something to do while quarantined at home propelled the business into the limelight. We anticipate a new wave of gamers and their platforms to flood esports venues when the world reopens, pleading for more opportunities for digital engagement and virtual contact. As a result of this shift in demand, many in the gaming industry are considering new forms of advertising in an effort to maintain the health of live events while attracting new audiences through online and mobile mediums.

“engagement improves by 28% when buyers may see a blend of user-generated product videos and official brand-authored material,” according to research conducted by SEMrush. This combination can make up the bulk of an event’s promotion. So how exactly can you use these procedures into your esports advertising plan? The following are three suggestions for putting your event’s participants to work curating material that will leave a lasting impact on potential attendees and on your event’s sponsors.

Using Online Competitions to Draw User-Generated Content for Twitch

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of coming up with and locating material for your event, why not put your guests to work for you? Setting up a social media contest tailored to your gaming event is a simple but effective method to boost your esports marketing plan. With this fun game, your stream audience and esports leagues will be much more invested in the process of making original content (UGC). With TINT, gaining user-generated content (UGC) is a breeze. TINTmix is the first of its type to integrate with Twitch, allowing it to be displayed on digital signs and projection systems. With the website embed, viewers from afar may access the live broadcast. TINT’s moderating tools streamline the process of finding and showcasing high-quality material.

Innovate your Merchandise!

Creating wearable merchandise is one thing, but creating instagramable merchandise is another. The esports business is still young, but you may get ahead of the curve by modelling your event clothing after the LA Thieves (100 Thieves), a squad widely regarded as a fashion leader. Putting a trendy spin on your event’s apparel and accessories might encourage your attendees to post more photos of themselves using your brand’s products. If you want to really connect with your audience, consider sponsoring your event with esports athletes or locally-based companies.

Create a unique hashtag and encourage your visitors to use it when posting about your event so that it can be readily seen by your followers.

These competitions may be entertaining and include “the best” attendees’ “trick shots” in Call of Duty, “crazy combinations” in League of Legends, or any other game you deem appropriate for your tournament. This might lead to competitions at your event, spark healthy rivalries among your performers, and get your esports fans pumped up for the possibility to have their work shown on the event’s digital displays.

Get in touch with guests after the event has ended.

The time immediately following an event is often overlooked, despite its potential significance in creating a lasting impression and satiating the curiosity of attendees. Keep in touch with your audience and find new esports fans by scheduling email campaigns, digital marketing, giveaways, and consistent social media content long after your event has concluded.

Your post-event marketing plan will be more effective if you provide specific material for competitive gamers who enjoy specific types of video games.

  • Person versus Person (PvP)
  • FP Shooter: In First Person (FPS)
  • Time-Based Tactics (RTS)
  • Multi-user virtual battlefield (MOBA)

as well as the benefits they’ll receive from attending your event.

Your party will no longer be boring. And especially so in a relatively young business like esports. Do all you can to make your event one that esports fans and industry professionals will talk about for years to come. If you’re planning a conference or convention, gaming-related or not, TINT can help you collect and exhibit social material in many fascinating ways that will get the conversation going and get your attendees interested. Schedule a demonstration by clicking here.