6 TikTok Viral Trends To Boost Your Strategy

The following article’s focus is on helping you turn your company into one of the next big things on TikTok. This viral marketing guide is meant to serve as a starting point for you to develop your own strategies, with the ultimate goal of having your company’s name included here. Here at House of Marketers, we’re committed to helping brands succeed on TikTok through our TikTok marketing services.

Over one billion people visit the short video sharing platform each month to watch or participate in TikTok trends, the company announced in a press release. Apptrace claims that the app’s user base spans more than 140 countries, making it a fantastic resource for advertisers. Today, businesses understand the full potential of TikTok for viral marketing. Trends on TikTok are often considered a crucial component of a comprehensive viral marketing strategy.

Examples of Different Brands

To make it easier to browse, we’ve organised these examples of brand marketing on TikTok by topic, such as movies and TV, international news, sports, art and design, fashion and social justice, and video games. The viral marketing guide shows how 27 companies increased brand recognition, user engagement, and sales by capitalising on popular TikTok trends. As an added bonus, our team provides an original case study for each niche, demonstrating how competing brands can use the same or similar topics in their own TikTok viral marketing strategy.
Common Forms of Amusement Trends on TikTok

1 ) #SquidGame is trending on TikTok (55+ billion views).

Even though it’s only been a little over a month since its release, Squid Game has managed to take the world by storm. The show’s continued success can be attributed to the more than 55 billion views it has received on TikTok.

Second Tidings: The #Marvel Viral Marketing Guide for TikTok (93+ Billion Views)

Marvel has an official TikTok account where they promote all of their upcoming movies and TV shows. They will always use the hashtag #Marvel when sharing content related to a Marvel property, be it a comic book, movie, or television show. The easiest and most organic way to gain more engagement on TikTok is to simply use your brand name as a hashtag.

Thirdly, 5+ Billion Views on #CharliesAngelsUnite videos on TikTok

The studio released their own TikTok trend as part of the promotion for the latest Charlie’s Angels film. It was started by only 15 TikTok influencers, but #CharliesAngelsUnite went on to become one of the most successful marketing campaigns for the Charlies Angels brand. More than 5 billion views were recorded during the challenge’s peak popularity.

set off a wave of TikTok challenges

These examples of viral marketing on TikTok demonstrate how any business can reap the benefits of the platform. One such business could launch a $30 comic book cosplay challenge, in which participants would be asked to dress as their favourite characters from the respective franchises. The point of this TikTok craze could be to recreate, for less than $30, an ensemble resembling one worn by a character in a popular film or TV show like Squid Games. The #cosplay hashtag, which has more than 90 billion views, is perfect for this challenge. Those who were successful in the competition might be given unique garments by the brand.
World-wide headlines What people are watching on TikTok right now

TikTok trend #4: #QuitMyJob videos (141 Million)

Once the pandemic was contained, workers gradually returned to their regular duties. Employees, however, have begun to leave the company en masse due to serious problems or mistreatment. Most significantly, a growing number of these workers have begun voluntarily leaving their positions.

People are documenting their exits from abusive workplaces and posting the clips to TikTok. As one of the most widely shared clips on TikTok, this one has amassed over 140 million views.

Fifth Trend: #Cryptocurrency as a social media phenomenon on TikTok (456 Million)

TikTok has been a hub for the booming cryptocurrency market, but few people know this. Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency and “meme coin” that began as a joke, is a great example of how a joke can become a popular cryptocurrency and crypto brand. The coin was promoted by young people alongside Tesla’s Elon Musk on the video sharing platform TikTok. According to MarketWatch, Dogecoin believers drove prices up by more than 40% in just two days. Over 98 million people have viewed content with the hashtag #Dogecointothemoon, which sparked the Dogecoin trend on TikTok.

6. Popular videos using the hashtag #Covid19 on TikTok (3.5 Billion)

As the pandemic spread, many people turned to TikTok for reliable updates. The Washington Post was able to increase its readership significantly by presenting news about the city in novel ways. There was a wealth of information for their younger clients to peruse, from the most recent deaths to the working conditions of employees during the pandemic.

The potential for TikTok in the publishing, banking, and tourism industries

Publications can use TikTok’s brief videos to quickly disseminate information and pique readers’ interest in novel ways. For banks and other financial institutions, TikTok creators present an opportunity to showcase their market insights and expert predictions in a fresh and engaging way.
New and interesting TikTok developments in sports

Conclusions on the Viral Marketing Guide Based on TikTok Trends

We have high hopes that this viral marketing primer will prove immensely useful to you. There is no denying that TikTok trends are one of the most effective forms of advertising for businesses in the modern era. TikTok marketing has been largely taken over by corporations like Redbull, Epic Games, boohoo, NYX, and Netflix. House of Marketers is a creative TikTok agency that can help you and your brand succeed.