The Complete Guide To Post On Instagram

Over 1.4 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis, making it the fourth most popular social media platform overall. We’re not shocked to hear that Instagram is being considered as part of your company’s social media strategy.

But making a nonsensical Instagram post is one thing. It’s another else entirely to give your post substance and develop a comprehensive Instagram content plan.

We’ve put up a comprehensive tutorial on posting on Instagram, covering everything from how to write a caption to posting the various media formats that Instagram allows.

Instagram Posting Guide: The Definitive Tutorial

First, select the plus sign (+) in the upper right.

A consistent and effective Instagram marketing approach relies heavily on frequent Instagram posts. There are a number of processes involved in producing outstanding postings, but if you follow our tutorial you’ll be an expert in no time.

The first thing you need to do is launch the Instagram app and hit the plus icon in the upper left.
Second, decide what kind of post you want to make.

At this point, you need to make a decision about the genre of material you intend to produce. Posts, stories, reels, and live videos are the four primary categories.

Choose what you need help with from the menu on the left, and we’ll walk you through the steps.

Make a Post for Your Instagram Feed.
A standard Instagram feed post is the first option you should consider. This might be an image or a video; either would be a terrific addition to your stream.

Select “Post” from the drop-down menu to begin. You may access your camera roll and choose an existing photo or video from there, or you can hit the camera symbol to capture a new one within the app.
Construct an Instagram Tale.

Instagram “stories” only remain on your profile for a day. After the initial 24 hours are up, you can add them to various story highlights that will remain at the top of your Instagram profile.

Telling a story is a terrific technique to get your point across and hold the attention of your readers. Instagram stories are more likely to be seen by users than regular feed posts since they display at the top of the feed.

If you want to share a tale, select “Share” from the “Create” menu’s second drop-down. Alternatively, you can access the Stories camera by swiping right from your home screen.
Do a highlight reel on Instagram.

An Instagram reel is a compilation of short videos, much as those seen on TikTok. They’re useful for attracting attention and gaining Instagram followers.

Instagram reels are made using the third drop-down option. Your completed video of 90 seconds or less can be uploaded from your library.

Make a Real-Time Video for Instagram

Going live on Instagram is the final resort. Your Instagram followers will be able to see a live video broadcast that you produce with this. They can also submit comments, providing a real-time channel for communication with your audience.

Select the fourth menu item to start recording a live broadcast. Check the number of active followers at the top of your screen to determine if now is a suitable moment to go live.

Compose your caption

Now that you know how to upload each of Instagram’s primary content kinds, we can discuss captioning. An engaging description is required for Instagram posts and reels, but not for Instagram Stories or Instagram Live.

Check out some of our suggested Instagram captions for inspiration. After that, we’ll talk tactics.

Caption length is limited to 2,200 characters, although you shouldn’t use them all. A study found that the optimal length for a post’s caption is 70 words.


You should include hashtags once you’ve written your caption. There is a limit of 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, however a recent study found that using 20-30 hashtags yields the best results. The optimal number of hashtags is roughly 20, so aim for that.

So, how can you discover the best hashtags to maximise the exposure of your post?

Start by looking through the most used hashtags on Instagram to find ones that are relevant to your brand or post. By including them, you may appeal to a far larger audience.
Then, to find even more relevant hashtags, you can use a hashtag suggestion tool. See what hashtags your competitors are using by perusing their posts. You may check the popularity of each one by clicking on it to determine whether it’s worth include in your post.

The most popular hashtags on Instagram may be found by searching for terms related to your business.

You may save yourself time when making a new Instagram post by compiling a list of hashtags in a document or note on your phone or computer.

Share your photo or video on Instagram

It’s accomplished! You have just completed the process of making a fantastic Instagram post. The final action is to click the “Publish” button.

Don’t forget that there are tools available to help you bulk-create Instagram posts that can then be scheduled to go live at specific times and dates.
Now that you know how to make an Instagram post, you can focus on making material that will truly wow your followers. Increase your Instagram following and use the platform to advertise your wares.