Troubleshooting The Problem: 5 Factors Why Your Reels Affecting View Count


Instagram Reels is now the most trending app among various social media apps. It allows users to grow their accounts hugely. However, most users need help growing their views on Reels.

If you want to solve the problem with the Reels views, you are at the right place. Here, you can get many views with our effective strategy. We have defined the problems and solutions with the most strategic theory. Make your view count longer and gain visibility in a stunning way. By reading our article, you can get a lot of ideas to grow your profile visibility to the targeted audience. Let’s look at it in the upcoming topics.

1)You Are Using Automated Followers

In the social media app, many users are making the wrong decision to get followers in an inappropriate way. And users believe that having a large number of followers is the great opportunity to cover many accounts. From that they will never know the metrics and algorithm using automated followers. When you publish the Reels that will reach your 10% followers. If they interact with your post, it will automatically get to the explore page. But if you have automated followers in your account, that will not interact with your post. Keep it in mind, avoid these mistakes or else your account will be removed.

2)You Are Replicating Others Content

Instagram Reels can easily get your account to a huge audience. But only if you use your own content; major social media users are copying the content from other accounts. Copying the content of others is a bad way to grow your visibility. It’s essential to avoid the mistake, because the duplicate content slowly affects your account. Increase your engagement rate on Instagram with visibility and views depending on your followers, likes, and shares. Getting likes from your own followers will be the proper way. Most users are using duplicate content and getting deleted from Instagram. Stay away from the market that will ultimately be more engaging and rewarding to your audience.

3)You Are Posting At Wrong Time

From the audience metrics, you can share your Reels at the possible times. But, if you want to get a huge view count on your Reels video. You must post it at the right time according to the guidelines through Instagram Insights. The best time to post Reels for specific followers is in the evening. There are two types of ways to know your target audience. First, think about what content you are publishing, and second, check the Instagram Insights. Here you can get various data about your audience’s demographic and which time they are interacting and followers are using Instagram.

4)You Are Stuffing Hashtags

Hashtags are important in the Instagram app, but the essential thing is how you are using hashtags. Using too many hashtags is a big mistake that most of us are making; most of the time, we are posting content. We are just googling “Hashtags of Instagram” and making a copy and adding it to the Instagram Reels. Before adding the hashtags, you need to make sure of the quantity and quality of the hashtags. Always keep in mind the quality and quantity of hashtags on Instagram. Use limited hashtags; more than two are enough for your Instagram Reels.

5)You are Publishing Low Quality Reels

The quality of Reels Videos matters for visibility and engagement. Most of the videos look low quality, because low quality videos don’t go viral. If you want to increase more views for your Instagram Reels, you need to make sure that your video looks high quality. Major celebrities are posting their videos very clearly. Grab these strategies for your quality Reels video. Try to post your video on a high quality camera and that will be the best way to connect with the audience. And there are so many best reel views Instagram services that have their quality videos. From this you will get some ideas to change the quality and the video perspective.


If you want to grow your view count you need to stop these mistakes. Follow our strategies to increase your views. These are the five factors that can change your perspective in very simple ways. We will guide you to listen carefully to the list of topics. Learn and grab these techniques through the list of possible reasons and attempt the risks to get whatever drawbacks. If you do this regularly with your efforts, you will get a huge level of views. In this article, we defined how to get more views from these methods. Grab your followers and that brings more impressions, making your followers to customers.